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Three races…. yeah, three

June 29, 2012

I have done three in the last two weeks and, well, I haven’t been very well at any of them. Truth be told, one race, the 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey the two person team I was on took 4th…. should have been third but alas it wasn’t.

The others where at Wakefield Park, not a great place, but a place none-the-less. I was second from last the first week…… I had done a 30 mile ride prior to the race and hadn’t recovered enough water and food. I was bad. Oh well, not so worried about that really, it is just a Wakefield race after all. The second race I ended up around 5th, which is also not so good, but better. Maybe next week I will do better.

BTW, my partner in the 12 hour race Scott Von Woodbridge rode like an animal and really was pretty much key in the overall result. I appreciate the effort he put out to keep us up in contention. I have a few pics, just not downloaded…. maybe in the morning.

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Three cars, 21 miles

June 22, 2012

That is the number of close calls I had, three in twenty one miles. In an hour and a half three cars, driven by people, thought I didn’t need to be in the bike lane. I guess they were right. Only one of the three was a “real” near miss, but still I am not happy about the ride this morning at all.

Around here I ride pretty carefully. I always, okay, almost always, stop at red light, I always yield right-of-way, and I always do that and I have my head on a swivel all the time and still just one guy in a Maroon Honda Ridge Line thinks I should not even ride in the bike lane…. Yes, I yelled at him for almost running me over and he yelled about me being in the bike lane…… ummm, yeah, I didn’t really care for that at all.

Recently I haven’t been riding the road at all, mostly as I am sick and tired of cars and swallowing and breathing tons of CO2. My biggest problem is that to get away from the cars and pollution I have to drive, yes in a car producing more pollution, an hour and a half (only 45 or so miles however) to get out of Dodge. I don’t like driving to places to ride, I really don’t. I mean for a great mountain bike ride in real mountains, okay, but to ride the endless strip of black asphalt, no, I hate driving.

Maybe one day I will get used to the cars before we move. I always think back to the gravel roads of MidMO and how great those days used to be. Few cars, always a guy/gal to ride with and (mostly) friendly rural folks who wave a hand, not a finger. I wax nostalgic, but I don’t forget the crazy dogs that used to chase us, but those are really forced intervals…. one day we will return to MidMO and live, I just hope the memories prove as good as real life.

Me, yeah me. I want to get away from cars, I want to roll on gravel, I want to not get run over by cars. Am I asking too much?

A couple days of vacation, a few rides

June 20, 2012

Well, I have again been lax in typing and posting pics. What is wrong with me? Honestly, I have been just riding locally and the same pictures posted over and over do get a bit boring.

So, NYC is great, love the city, love the food, love the time we spent there and I keep hearing about traffic, but it is nothing like Messina, Rome or Palermo. Palermo is the WORST.

Dave Matthews was good last weekend. We have seen him several times and every time he has been good. The last time we saw him, I thought, he was having a great time. It was in a High School Gym, for real, and the band jammed. This time it was a good show, but it looked like it was his job, not a show they truly enjoyed doing. Not complaining, just noting. Good show and I highly suggest going and seeing the DMB if you get a chance.

Otherwise, riding a bit, eating too much and looking like a not feathery Big Bird….. Yeah, either I need to stop eating so much or riding a lot more!

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