Three cars, 21 miles

That is the number of close calls I had, three in twenty one miles. In an hour and a half three cars, driven by people, thought I didn’t need to be in the bike lane. I guess they were right. Only one of the three was a “real” near miss, but still I am not happy about the ride this morning at all.

Around here I ride pretty carefully. I always, okay, almost always, stop at red light, I always yield right-of-way, and I always do that and I have my head on a swivel all the time and still just one guy in a Maroon Honda Ridge Line thinks I should not even ride in the bike lane…. Yes, I yelled at him for almost running me over and he yelled about me being in the bike lane…… ummm, yeah, I didn’t really care for that at all.

Recently I haven’t been riding the road at all, mostly as I am sick and tired of cars and swallowing and breathing tons of CO2. My biggest problem is that to get away from the cars and pollution I have to drive, yes in a car producing more pollution, an hour and a half (only 45 or so miles however) to get out of Dodge. I don’t like driving to places to ride, I really don’t. I mean for a great mountain bike ride in real mountains, okay, but to ride the endless strip of black asphalt, no, I hate driving.

Maybe one day I will get used to the cars before we move. I always think back to the gravel roads of MidMO and how great those days used to be. Few cars, always a guy/gal to ride with and (mostly) friendly rural folks who wave a hand, not a finger. I wax nostalgic, but I don’t forget the crazy dogs that used to chase us, but those are really forced intervals…. one day we will return to MidMO and live, I just hope the memories prove as good as real life.

Me, yeah me. I want to get away from cars, I want to roll on gravel, I want to not get run over by cars. Am I asking too much?


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