One disc, one thumb, one pint of blood (pictures at the end aren’t really pretty, there is a lot of blood)

Sunday was not the best day of my life. It wasn’t the worst, but I did go to the Emergency Room and got to visit some very nice doctors and nurses. I cut my thumb while try to change a flat. Now is this a normal injury? I think not, but you know I get normal injuries. Personally some normal injuries might be a break for me.

Riding with the blood leaking out of my thumb like a stream wasn’t the best thing to do, but it was an interesting experience. Not one I wish to try again, but…. once in a lifetime thing. Once I got off the trail, riding about 3 miles out with one hand was also something I don’t wish to try again, the first aid kit in my car was very useful. Taping a bandage on the wound area and driving to the ER was not too bad.

Once I arrived at the ER I got to sit and wait! Why the Face? I was bleeding, a lot. (BTW the a lot is two words, a and lot, allot isn’t what you mean, that means you are giving time to do something among other things and alot isn’t a word and please, in spite of this run on sentence believe me use the words correctly or don’t use them). Anyway, I wasn’t really upset at the wait, but it seemed forever as I sat there. I did see a two people get carted away to the in-patient ward, they were much worse off than I.

After four stitches and two and a half hours I went home and began to mumble to myself about bikes and gears on bikes. I have been riding geared recently and liking it….. maybe I am being punished. Oh well, here is a picture of the thumb, it isn’t pretty, and I do believe I will be riding geared bike a bit more often…. It can’t be the fault of the bike that I got hurt, it is just coincidence that both bikes that have recently made me bleed are geared. Right?

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3 Responses to “One disc, one thumb, one pint of blood (pictures at the end aren’t really pretty, there is a lot of blood)”

  1. Dale Brigham Says:

    Ed, glad you are OK! Please remind me why disc brakes are the cat’s meow. For the record, my bikes’ rim brakes have never tried to amputate any of my appendages.

    Just got back from a week in and north of Steamboat Springs, CO, where Jo and I met up with Arj and Jen. Lots of hiking, riding, drinking, and talking ensued. It was hot for the mountains (80s), but we came home to the 100s in Mid-MO.

    All the best to you and the Colonel!


  2. scarkinsmel Says:

    Yes, Dale you are correct. My rim brakes have never tried to cut my thumb off either. It was a momentary lapse of judgement and I paid for that lapse.

    Glad Arj and Jen are well and glad you guys have fun. See you in about a two weeks.

    We will also ride, no hiking, but lots of drinking for sure.

  3. Paolo Says:

    Ciao Ed, after a big blood loss your natural EPO production will kick in so take advantage of it….

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