Riding the road

Only because I can’t put on gloves for riding. I need then for riding the MTB. Otherwise I would loose my grip and crash again…. I am tired of crashing and having not such great luck.

The thumb is healing up well, but there is just a bunch of pain when I move it, yes just move it at all. So what does that mean? To me? Not much. I will give it two more weeks before I get worried about it not healing correctly or that I did more damage than first thought. It does put the Iron Mountain into doubt because I can’t ride off road and when I am riding rough roads are actually shockingly painful in one small very painful spot.

The spot is (yes more about the thumb) is the middle bone on my thumb, the entire right side feels like someone is driving a nail into my bone from top to bottom. Not fun, but again, two weeks and we will see.

My other problem is the HEAT!!!!! Not the basketball team, but the actual temperature. 8,049 degrees all day every day which is not anything I can do a thing about. I have done a couple road rides lately and I have been able to ride for two to two and a half hours before I just fade. I am not “in shape” but normally a 65-75 mile ride isn’t all that hard, but honestly, right now I am not sure I could be outside for three and a half to four hours. Am I becoming a wimp? It would seem so.

I will ride this again today. Hoping for more than two minutes.


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