Vacation and a missed race

I didn’t do the Iron Mountain 100 because I didn’t feel like racing. Having done the local series for fun and having ABSOLUTELY none the Did Not Start felt like the right call. Personally I can’t describe how awful and totally uber-competitive this Wednesday at Wakefield is, that as a race series that matters none in the real world. After you race and do well you still go to work, right? No UCI points, not real money, and no prestige. Who cares if you finished 2nd in the sport class of three people in Wakefield…. Yeah, absolutely NOBODY. Tell that to the goofs that race there.

It kills me that people who race the Clydesdales category cheat. I must say that when I am easily the heaviest guy racing by 35 pounds it means that most the folks racing aren’t anywhere near 200 pounds. I would venture a guess that the top three or four guys are 201 or 202 with all their kit on. Needing a scale for a nonsense race that matters not seems to be a microcosm of living here. If you aren’t trying to pull one over on the next guy, you aren’t trying hard enough. No one here seems to race for fun or to see how well you can do personally. It is about trying pull one over on the next guy. I don’t like it at all.

Racing at my age, my weight and my talent level is not only a reality check but a chance to strive to do well. I set times I want to beat, not how to cut the course and try to run my competitors off the course. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh, but really I think not.

Riding in MidMO, Germany, Italy, withe Lobos, and having done races all over the USA and World has given me a (spoiled) unique perspective. I have been in serious races that actually matter (being competitive in said race or not is not the point) I have been in races for fun (drinking beer and just rolling along with people you like riding with) and races that aren’t races at all but reasons to gather with friends ride 45 miles and eat a great dinner. All of these races have one thing in common, NOBODY FROM THE NO(rthern)V(irgini)A acting like a fool. Am I bitter? At the moment, yes. Will it change? Yes, likely tomorrow.

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One Response to “Vacation and a missed race”

  1. Vyner Says:

    200 pounds should not be considered a clydesdale. 225 should be the new standard. Anyone who weighs 200 pounds in that category needs to go get fat first. EAT A SANDWICH!

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