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Someplace not the NOVA

September 16, 2012

On a little trip. Having a freaking awesome time. Riding with two great folks on some the of the best trails in the Universe, no really.

Still a little perturbed at my performance at the SM100. Personally I think that the desire to drop people like an anvil has left me sometime in the last 15 years. It may be time to realize I like riding and I used to like racing. I don’t know. Maybe. Or maybe I need to commit to actually riding with a purpose in mind and work towards that goal.

Back to the trip…. yeah umm, these trails, umm, yeah… UNREAL!!!!! Those that live here hopefully realize how freaking sweet the riding is here and appreciate the trails. The NO(northern)V(irgini)A has some great stuff and getting back will be good, but fast a flowy is just so fun.

Ride safe, we are off to climb some unreal, sweet, perfectly groomed trail that should give us a view that will stun.

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Holy Smoke, how long? Man I am not committed to this….

September 5, 2012

I did the SM100… 10:49 and I didn’t even really try. Yes, I didn’t really try. Kind of sad really. Never did I turn one pedal stroke in anger, with a real goal of going fast, or even the thought of trying to beat somebody, anybody, just one long day in a saddle…. and then there was the rain. Still, no excuses, I just didn’t want to go anywhere near the suffer zone.

The course is one of the best I have ridden ever. A lot of fun just enough climbing and enough aid stations to make it not like suffering at all, just a long ride with folks just handing me all the food and drinks I need. So a good time, even in the rain.

It rained for three or three and a half hours and turned the trails into a muddy mess and covered my bike in, well, mud. It was not good for the drivetrain, or my clothes. Whatever it was a good day.

What else? Other than a lack or writing I’ve been not riding enough which isn’t a surprise. But riding just enough. I did the SM100 with a friend who finished a minute a half behind me, and he worked really hard trying to catch me on the last climb. He rode really well and I am happy he did so well.

Pictures??? None from the race, but I have other ones than may be of interest to me. To anyone else, unlikely.

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