Holy Smoke, how long? Man I am not committed to this….

I did the SM100… 10:49 and I didn’t even really try. Yes, I didn’t really try. Kind of sad really. Never did I turn one pedal stroke in anger, with a real goal of going fast, or even the thought of trying to beat somebody, anybody, just one long day in a saddle…. and then there was the rain. Still, no excuses, I just didn’t want to go anywhere near the suffer zone.

The course is one of the best I have ridden ever. A lot of fun just enough climbing and enough aid stations to make it not like suffering at all, just a long ride with folks just handing me all the food and drinks I need. So a good time, even in the rain.

It rained for three or three and a half hours and turned the trails into a muddy mess and covered my bike in, well, mud. It was not good for the drivetrain, or my clothes. Whatever it was a good day.

What else? Other than a lack or writing I’ve been not riding enough which isn’t a surprise. But riding just enough. I did the SM100 with a friend who finished a minute a half behind me, and he worked really hard trying to catch me on the last climb. He rode really well and I am happy he did so well.

Pictures??? None from the race, but I have other ones than may be of interest to me. To anyone else, unlikely.

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One Response to “Holy Smoke, how long? Man I am not committed to this….”

  1. AB Says:

    Wait a minute, where are all the water pictures? That race crosses two little creeks. No pictures of the water? Two flower pictures? I can’t believe it. You know it’s not every day that you see water.

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