Not dead yet!

Well, officially not dead yet. I’ve been out and about on the two wheeled machine, rode in Missouri, where I had a great time, and did the Shenandoah 100, and did a decent time, and have ridden with a bunch of friends, at the MOCO epic and other places, and all in all had a pretty good time. All that good stuff along with eating way too much food has left me in medium shape and overweight… okay, I’m already at mid-winter weight in mid November! What is up?

One of these days I might actually put the fork down, you know the one loaded up with chocolate cream pie, and eat, god forbid, an apple. That could have an effect on my overall health and perhaps my speed on the bike, but apples? Apples? I don’t like how they taste and sometimes the ones I get make me have mild allergic reactions. No really! Maybe I should try oranges…. or bananas…. or carrots…. or…… yeah that will never happen. I sure like Barbecue.

I think a few pictures are in order, but they will be in no order. Hope everyone is riding and having a good time. Ride safe, ride fast and ride for fun. I am trying.

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I believe I will do a SM100 write up. I saw a bunch from folks who quit and they made it sound really hard. It wasn’t.


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