two for two

Either I’m riding a bit more, which is not the case, or I’m feeling a bit more like actually using that 1.5 ounce brain of mine, which is likely the case. Typing is something that you don’t forget but you get all kinds of slow and are constantly making typos and that is currently what I am doing. Without getting into details, there are a lot of dong, fo, and teh that I had to fix. And I also helped myself out today with a little ride.

30ish miles of easy and cool riding, not cool as in attitude, rather, cool as in temperatures. I am not a fan of cool, no I like HOT. Humid, muggy, dry, or oppressive heat, that is what I like. Getting used to the cool isn’t fun, but what can be done? This global warming thing doesn’t seem to be working out for me.

Riding…. yeah that’s exactly what has been going on….. umm…. well I have been sitting on a bike a bit lately. That means a couple of things, having fun riding seems to have returned and two cars, trucks, semis and all sorts of motorized traffic has been honking and trying to run me down. Whether the near misses with motorized traffic are perceived or real, they seem really real to me, I am already tiring of them. Yesterday within three miles I had one car actually attempt to run me down, not perceived at all, and today a dump truck and one cement truck honked and buzzed me… a couple of feet between a semi and myself isn’t much and it kind of bothers me.

A truck from Vulcan numbered 345 is one of the folks that thought a flatter me would be good.

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