But three for three, never

Yeah, well, yeah. Having time to type and spew forth nonsense doesn’t mean the time is taken to do so. This is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t much to say about anything… then again, who really does? Seems to me that a lot of folks have a lot to say and most of it is drivel, so why add to that? Well my drivel is important to me.

Lately I have been actually doing something called riding a bike! What? Yes, riding a bike. Two wheels, two pedals, two legs, and a slightly larger than normal me on a bike going places like, i don’t know, places. Actually the roads outside of town (you know the greater DC area) are pretty nice and mostly free of angry drivers. I kind of like riding out there. Hopefully I will get out there again this week.

What else is there to report? Well mostly that this weekend is going to be nicer than it should be, so a ride someplace not here in the NO(rthern)V(irgini)A is in order. Harrisonburg or the George Washington National forest are in order. I hope. Riding out there alone is foolhardy so whenever I do a ride out there I need a riding partner.

Who to call? My More or less trustworthy little riding buddy from the shop? Maybe, but he rides either way too fast or way too slow. My normal riding buddy? Maybe, but he has those little things call kids to make sure grow up to be productive members of society. The Punisher? Another riding friend, but as the name implies all rides with him result in punishment of my legs, body, and overall well being. Or any number of my off and on again riding buddies? I could, I should, but getting them to commit to riding a big ride in the middle of the GW forest is not as easy as it sound.

Always the complaints of it will be to hard, or too long, or too who the heck knows come into play and personally kind of make me not want to ask if they want to ride. I need a larger group of riding folks. But the larger the group the more trouble. More people to ride with mean more schedules to accommodate and that isn’t as easy at it have just three or four riding friends. It is a catch 22.

Anyway, I am off to ride or something.


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